Adults Can Learn Something From Children Too

“I don’t know but they did it. They’ve done it before and they did it tonight and they’ll do it again and when they do it—seem that only children weep.” Pg. 285 Ch. 22

This is what Atticus says to Jem when he is upset that Tom Robinson is found ‘guilty’. Jem asks “how could they do it, how could they?” The quote above was Atticus’ response. Even after there was so much clear evidence that Tom Robinson is innocent, the jury still picked the dirty white man over the black man. Why is this? It is the fact that Tom is black and Bob is white. There was clear evidence that Tom is innocent however, just because the color of his skin people thinks he automatically is bad and the white man is the innocent nice one. 



What Atticus was trying to says is all the adults don’t care for equality; the only people that care are the children. Children seem to be the only ones that accept everyone. They never care how the person looks like on the outside. All that matters to kids are that the person is nice on the inside. This is something that adults should take from children. Back then in the Maycomb city blacks were treated differently because of the color of their skin. Everyone in that jury knew that the evidence that Atticus said to keep Tom innocent was true. However, nobody had the guts to stand up and say that a black man was correct. Once the verdict was decided and Tom was proven ‘guilty’ all the adults went along with their lives. However, you could see that Jem, Dill and Scout, the children, were the ones who were saddened for Tom. Dill and Jem even teared up. The reason why the children are the sad ones is because they are simply not judging Tom for what he looks like. They know that Tom is a good man no matter the way he looks. On the other hand, the adults had no intentions of picking a black man over a white man. 


This lesson can connect to the real world today as well. Most adults and parents you see don’t have a care in the world for someone who is homeless. A lot of times you see parents rushing their child over to the inside of the grocery store so the child won’t talk to the homeless man outside. This is nonsense. A lot of the times homeless people can be caring and respectful. Children would go along and play with them since they would not know the difference. Children are too focused on having fun with the caring people. They don’t care how the person looks. This is just one example of many where the adult will stay away from the ‘weirdos’ whereas the children will run up to them and play. 


Here, you can this man, half covered in tattoos, half in a suit. On the left side of him he would probably be judged more just because of the way he looks and his tattoos. Whereas if he was dressed up fully like how he is dressed on the right a lot more people would probably think he is more approachable and kind. There are so many ways you can judge a book by its cover. Adults do this way more than children do. It is simply for one reason. children do not care how someone looks they accept the person if he or she is nice and kind to them rather than just judging them on their looks. 

A lot of people know the story of Beauty and the beast. This is just another example of why you should never judge a book by its cover.



This is just a funny picture i stumbled upon and it falls perfectly to why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and the quote that Atticus says to Jem. 





It’s a Disease by Niru Raj

I stumbled upon this poem called “It’s a Disease” there were some powerful meanings in their about prejudiced. “But it is the deadliest disease that ever entered our planet.
It is this disease that gets people murdered, and then some thrown in jail” This is exactly what happened to Tom Robinson 

Response #2 (Cp. 9-16)-Courage and Bravery

“I wanted you to see something about her—I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do.” Pg. 149 Ch. 11

These are more intelligent words that Atticus says to Jem. Jem got into some trouble one day. As a punishment Jem had to read to an old lady named Mrs. Dubose at her house everyday for a month. Jem hated it. Once the one month was over Atticus commanded Jem to keep reading to Mrs. Dubose for just one more week. A bit after that, Mrs. Dubose passed away. Jem did not realize but Mrs. Dubose was ill and was addicted to morphine. Atticus tells Jem that all the reading he had done helped Mrs. Dubose get off the morphine, and let her die without being an addict to morphine. This quote represents courage and even bravery. Atticus wanted to teach Jem what real courage is. He wanted to show how Mrs. Dubose was the bravest person he ever knew and how she had real courage.


This quote not only teaches Jem a lesson, but it shows everyone reading the book what real courage is. Most people when they’re a kid vision courage as someone who is manly and strong. However, that is not true at all. This is exactly why this is such a great quote. It truly explains to everyone that courage comes from internally. Not only do you have to believe in yourself, but you have to be brave as well. Being able to come out and fight through everything takes real bravery, To build up the bravery can be pretty tough sometimes. Anyone who is brave enough to stick to what they believe in and never give up is real courage.

Courage is not something you can just take from someone else or pick off the street.You have to believe in yourself and push through all the obstacles no matter how hard it gets. You have to be strong, and that does not mean physically, but Inside you. You have to believe and stay strong. Mrs. Dubose had courage because she never gave up. She was beaten down, tired and ill. Nevertheless it did not stop her to die without being an addict. There was no doubt that Mrs. Dubose suffered in pain and that it would be hard for her to quit, but she pushed through and that was the important thing. In the end she came through and died as how she wanted to. She over came her obstacle and won. Anybody can have courage like Mrs. Dubose you just have to believe in yourself and stay strong no matter what obstacles come your way. If you can conquer your fears, you are brave enough and have the courage to do anything you set your mind to.


Mariah Carey – Hero

Here is a song about courage. It is called “Hero” by: Mariah Carey. if you listen to the lyrics over and over again the message is to push through and believe in yourself. That is exactly what Atticus was saying real courage is to Jem. Mrs. Dubose can definitely be called a hero!

Response #1 (Ch. 1-8)

If you’ll concede the necessity of going to school, we’ll go on reading every night just as we always have. Is it a bargain?”  “Yes sir!” Pg. 41.

            This quote shows that Atticus is flexible. This happens when Scout doesn’t want to go to school because her teacher told her she is not allowed to read at home with her father anymore. So Atticus makes a compromise with Scout. Atticus tells Scout if she agrees to go to school that they will still be able to read every night together. This quote shows that Scout respects her father and his decisions that he makes. This is an important quote because it shows that Atticus is a very caring father towards his kids. He loves both his kids very much and wants to do what is best for them. Atticus does not want to make his kids unhappy. This is a great thing and shows Atticus is a loving man. Even though Atticus is a single parent he still spends time with his kids and talks things out. He let Scout talk about her dilemma with school and he solved in a gentle matter. This quote shows acceptance because in the book all Scout said about her schooling was how much she disliked it. She said she never wanted to go back to school. However, obviously things changed when she talked to her father, Atticus. Scout accepted the fact that she does have to go to school and get a hold of being properly educated. Even though Scout despised of going to school Atticus was caring enough to make a wise compromise. This made Scout accept the fact that she has to go to school. 

As a newly married person, as much as I would love for my husband to buy into the ‘my way or the highway’ philosophy, you realize it’s all about compromising and finding some sort of middle ground that everyone can live with. -Gabrielle Union

Even though in To Kill a Mockingbird Scout and Atticus are definitely not married this quote relates to a particular part of the book. Atticus makes a compromise with Scout that if she goes back to school they will both get to keep reading every night together.The second part of the quote is whats really important. “it’s all about compromising and finding some sort of middle ground that everyone can live with.” That is exactly what Atticus did with Scout. The two met in the middle and each of them got what they wanted. Atticus compromised with Scout with her going to school and Scout could still read every night with her father.



It is always important to accept others and everything around you. Especially accepting what you know is right and wrong. In To kill a Mockingbird Scout accepts that she does have to go to school to become educated. Even though she does not want to go back to school its if for the better. In addition, with her father Atticus, making the compromise that they will still get to read together every night makes Scout accept the fact of going to school even more.